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Do your part to slow the spread of COVID-19 and wear a mask!*

  • Soft, breathable, comfortable contoured fit. 
  • Washable fabric face mask with a pocket for filtering material. 
    • Linen/Cotton blend Indigo Shibori
    • 100% Cotton Chambray Sashiko
  • Each mask comes with an elastic strap, looped in a way that wraps around your head. That said! You can always re-loop the elastic (or replace it with a different material) so that the straps fit around your ears!

SIZES | Each mask measures approximately:

  • Small (Kids)
    • Bottom hem length: 6.5”
    • Nose to chin: 3.8”
    • Side: 2.6”
  • Adult Medium *shown worn in the photo*
    • Bottom hem length: 7”
    • Nose to chin: 5”
    • Side: 3”
  • Adult Large
    • Bottom hem length: 8.2”
    • Nose to chin: 5.8”
    • Side: 3.5”
  • Adult XL
    • Bottom hem length: 9.5”
    • Nose to chin: 6.5”
    • Side: 4”
Wanna sew your own face mask? Check out my sewing pattern & instructions:

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+ Please allow 3-4 days for your order to be packaged & shipped.

*I am not a medical professional, please use at your own risk.

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