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Cotton Face Mask | 12oz. GREEN BULL DENIM


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Do your part to slow the spread of COVID-19 and wear a mask!*

  • Soft, breathable, comfortable contoured fit. 
  • Made with 100% cotton, high thread count, washable fabric lined with lightweight tightly woven fabric to create a pocket for additional filtering material. 
    • Each mask comes with an elastic strap, looped in a way that wraps around your head. That said! You can always re-loop the elastic (or replace it with a different material) so that the straps fit around your ears!

    SIZES | Each mask measures approximately:

    • Small (Kids)
      • Bottom hem length: 6.5”
      • Nose to chin: 3.8”
      • Side: 2.6”
    • Adult Medium
      • Bottom hem length: 7”
      • Nose to chin: 5”
      • Side: 3”
    • Adult Large
      • Bottom hem length: 8.2”
      • Nose to chin: 5.8”
      • Side: 3.5”
    • Adult XL
      • Bottom hem length: 9.5”
      • Nose to chin: 6.5”
      • Side: 4”’
    • Adult Medium Beard Purse
      • Bottom hem length: 8”
      • Nose to chin: 7.75”
      • Side: 3”
    • Adult Large Beard Purse *Shown worn in photos.
      • Sorry, my Boo is not included with the purchase of any masks. 
      • Bottom hem length: 9.25”
      • Nose to chin: 9”
      • Side: 3.5”
    • Adult XL Beard Purse
      • Bottom hem length: 10.5”
      • Nose to chin: 10.5”
      • Side: 4”
      • NEED A "YOU" SIZE?! Let me know!
        As always, I am also donating masks to anyone in our community that is vulnerable or at risk. If someone you know needs masks, please let me know, and thank you for supporting my mask donating efforts!
        Wanna sew your own face mask? Check out my sewing pattern & instructions:

        Have a question, comment, and/or good meme? Want to commission a good or repair? Drop a line at

        + Please allow 3-4 days for your order to be packaged & shipped.

        *I am not a medical professional, please use at your own risk.

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