Leather Bandana Pog


Keep your bandanas fastened around your neck with these lil' leather bandana pogs! Handcrafted by Tucker, of K&H Leatherworks, packaged + shipped by me, Jess :) 

Keep an eye out for more Leather Bandana Pogs featuring other makers and colors! <3

For every LEATHER BANDANA POG sold, Tucker & I will donate $5.00 to a Mutual Aid- full transparency, we are still sorting through lists of Mutual Aids and will select this batch's Mutual Aid soon! If you or someone you know is connected with a Mutual Aid organization, please let us know! Our goal is to continue donating proceeds from this bandana illustration for as long as we can, with the intent to donate to as many Mutual Aids as possible! <3

  • 5oz. Italian vegetable tanned leather
  • Saddle-stitched
  • Burnished edges
  • “Blank” front, stamped back

Measures approximately 1.5” across when flat

Have a question, comment, and/or good meme? Want to commission a good or repair? Drop a line at thepoorwillway@gmail.com.

+ Please allow 7-10 workdays for your order to be made, packaged & shipped. I ship every Friday <3

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